Friday, November 13, 2009

Kleenso Rubber Softener Power Window Lubricant

An Excellent special formulated product to be use as softener & lubricant for the rubber surface of manual or power car window, slow and stuck car window . reduce belt friction and wiper jerking.
Direction for use:
· Lower down car window, spread window lotion evenly alongside the left and right into the inner rubber. Allow to flow downward into the non-reachable area. Start the engine wind and unwind the window repeat for several times.
· Squeeze window lotion onto the inner surface of the belt then start up engine to allow it to spread evenly
· Wipe window lotion on the wiper blade with a piece of clean cloth. Switch on the wiper and spray with water for better result leave it overnight.
· Easy to use, not harmful to paint and upholstery wipe clean excessive flow.Non corrosive and use frequently in duration 2 to 3 months to maintain existing good condition of new car window. Clean hand with water after handling this product

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